The Roofing Situation / The ER


Here at our home, we have been fighting with the landlord to fix our leaking roof. 4 months later it is finally being done.

But, it is not being done how we thought it would have been.

Day 2, roofer is back finishing the job. Unfortunately, where we thought we were getting a whole new roof. OH NO! It is just a patch job. When he pulled the rotted wood off yesterday I saw blackish/whiteish patches all over it, yet he tells me there was no mold. Idk, I think he is full of it, and I am really wondering why I am not getting better.

On the other hand, I went back to the ER last night, the bacterial pneumonia is now viral. So it has to run its course. They poked and prodded me and I am so tired. I was coughing so bad that my ribs and back hurt so they prescribed me a pain medicine as well.

They had me kind of nervous last night as they were doing blood work and wanted to check how my blood coagulates. They said if it comes back positive, then I could be at risk for blood clots. Well, it came back positive. So, they did a CT Scan of my chest and thank goodness, it came back clear. But they did say I could have a problem with clots later on in life. *Fingers crossed* I don’t but at this point in my life, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

They also said due to past history of being a smoker and being around the secondhand smoke, that my asthma could turn in to COPD.

My health sucks. I love my parents but geez, thanks for the bad genes u guys. Haha. Just kidding. I know things happen and genetics happen… I still have the greatest parents in the world.

Anyway, working today till 4. Hoping the day will fly by quick so I can rest.

Every time I try to take a bite of food I feel like I am gonna hurl. Yea I know TMI but IDC. LOL.

And for those of you who cannot stand abbreviations, get over it. I am sick and if I can slack off some and just do abbreviations and u dont like it well u can gtfo, idc, lol. hahaha.. Ok I am rambling now.

My meds don’t make my back and ribs hurt but UGH, I have a killer headache.


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