Still Sick


It seems like it is never going to go away.

I know I posted back on the 18th of September that I had been sick for a little while and today, October 1st. I am still sick.

I had mentioned in the post on my book update that I have bacterial pneumonia.

We are hoping it is not caused by a mold source in our home due to a leaking roof with water damaged window and wall.

We have been fighting with our landlord about fixing the problems and checking for mold, but, that has been for 4 months out of the 5 we have lived here.

There is no telling how long it had actually been leaking and we just did not notice it.

As when we first moved in there was a really bad storm and we stayed with family.

It does not rain much here in Paulding County, GA, except on occasion, but these past couple of times was enough to cause some major damage it seems, including water coming through our light switches.


They said that the work should be completed this week but here it is Wednesday, and no sign of a roofing company at all.

I am really getting frustrated and if they do not do something soon, we will be filing a claim with small claims court.

My health sucks right now and I am praying this is not because of this.

If it is, there will be hell to pay.

I have been taking breathing treatments, a cough syrup with codeine to control the cough and pain, antibiotics (which I finished today), and 2 more days of steroids.

All of this and I am still waking up in the middle of the night hardly able to breath, still hear the crackle in my chest, and still have this annoying cough causing headaches.

I do not mean to complain, and I may end up going back to the ER if it does not begin to get more better in a few days but this is getting ridiculous. Sick for almost a month now. Something has got to give.

Trying to get better so I can go play at Nightmares Gate Haunted House. I am really looking forward to that and putting together a badass costume for it.

But, if this does not get better, no playtime for me.

10363731_10152496859853682_6318569690314814962_n 10390043_10152496860918682_6994276912802121029_n 10609621_10152496859653682_4518721045543728196_n 10612953_10152496860018682_3976339058423581178_n 10622927_10152496860433682_8729843501143955588_n 10702162_10152496860653682_6591251633306440702_n


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