Haunt Season – First Stop on the Haunt Hop Tour


We have decided to haunt hop this year and so last night, we went to our first haunt of the year.

Nightmares Gate Haunted House



I just want to say, that we had the greatest time ever.

To the confides of a chaotic nuthouse to the mists of the swamp, what they have put together this year is nothing short of amazing. The actors were on point, even my fiance’ Terry jumped twice, while I walked behind him, giggling. I was enjoying myself so much. The characters themselves were so well done and you actually felt like you were in the middle of a real psych ward with bouts of cackling off in the darkness, not know which direction it was coming from. And the costuming was very fitting. I was very happy to see little animatronics and the actors and actresses making this haunt what is it to be. I guess through my years of working at a haunt, it was hard to give me the creeps, but, nevertheless, while I interacted with them, they were more than obliged to interact back with me, passing words back and forth with one another.. Like the doctor working on his patient, He wanted to know if I wanted to be next and as I giggled, I asked him if they offered plastic surgery and liposuction. lol. While his next victim of torture, jumped off a gurney and chased after us. There was also the chainsaw guy, where while you were in a maze of what looked like toxic waste barrels piled high and you could see the night sky above, he comes out of nowhere. He did surprise Terry and I and when I took in a breath of the exhaust from the chainsaw (I love that smell lol), he was more than glad to crank it up a few extra times for me. 🙂

The lot actors as well were just as great, while we stood around and spoke with them, as some of them we knew, and some of them are now new friends, we really got the family vibe from the whole crew. Even some not breaking character or how they twitch about a certain way, while even speaking about every day things to us and the twelve year old girl who never once broke from her zombie screeching character. She was great!

Terry and I definitely got the scare bug after visiting here and we definitely hope to join them next Friday for my birthday!

Finger crossed!


Logo © of Nightmares Gate Haunted House



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