I have been having this weird reoccurring dream lately and I am really unsure what to make of it.

Maybe someone who reads in to things like that, can shed some light on it.

In the dream, it is coming up to my birthday (which is less than 2 weeks away) and I am not feeling well (which is weird because I am sick right now) and I am having bad headaches and backaches near the top of my back where they replaced that disc.  So when the pain becomes unbearable, I go to the ER and they run a scan and all that. They come back an hour later and say they need me to see a specialist because the scan shows a mass on my spinal cord, near the replaced disc.

So, two days later in the dream, I go to see an Oncologist and they run their tests. They come back and tell me that there is a tumor on my spine and it is pressing against my spinal cord and that after a biopsy they have concluded that I do have cancer and that I may very well have cancer cells in my spinal fluid as well.

They give me my treatment options, tell me to think it over, tell me to call them back when I made my decision, and send me on my way.

The whole time Terry is by my side.

That night, we gather our families together to tell them what we have found out.

They think it is something amazing and exciting but turns out not so much and it leaves for a lot of tears and questions at the end of the night.

Then, days later, I start treatments, and while I am sick, it just seems like my life finally starts coming together. I have my birthday, we make plans to get married, I start a bucket list and all that kind of stuff..

Like my life takes a turn for the perfect side coming together, yet, I am still sick.

IDK, it sounds odd doesn’t it?

I do not know what to make of it. I wouldn’t say it is a nightmare because in this dream, I remain calm the whole time and it is very vivid.



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