About Me… Nothing interesting LOL

My name is Stephanie

My birthday is September 26th, I will be 30 this year

I live in Georgia

I have a wonderful fiance named Terry

I work for a company called Needle, ❤ it

I love Hello Kitty, Halloween, Piercings (7) , and Tattoos (29)

I love my doggies, they are my children

On the weekends I like to hang out with my fiance and my two nephews and game all weekend long

I love Writing, Taking photos and Editing

I love the outdoors, especially during Fall and Winter

I enjoy camping

LOVE Thunderstorms

I have few friends but they are great

I love my family, my mom and dad are my best friends

I have been through a lot of *&%^ in my life but it just makes me stronger

Secretly I have a fowl mouth haha but I am respectful of those around me

I enjoy giving back to people when I can

I love my bed and sleep haha

I have a Associates, Bachelors, and a Masters degree (soon to be 2).

I look forward to the future of my life every day and what fate may bring


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