My Book : Updates

I am currently working on a book that I hope to have released by the first weekend of October for the Fall/Halloween season. Any updates on the book will be located here.

So far, I have 5 entries for the book, I do believe, but more and more, every day, I am becoming inspired to write more.

This book will be available through Amazon once it is published as a hard/soft cover book and an ebook.

Prices will be posted at a later date.

Thanks 🙂

UPDATE ONE: September 10th, 2014

I made some progress this morning. Another entry for the book.

I am looking to have 20 to 30 entries.

I hope my brain starts pumping out ideas so that I can get it done by my self given deadline.

At least by October 1st.

*Fingers crossed*


Just added a new poem to the roster of others. Unfortunately, I am unsure of myself and the ability to get this book out before Halloween. It is a collection of spooky, creepy, or maddening poems and I am hoping to get it out soon. With me being sick, today’s deadline was just not possible. As I am still sick (bacterial pneumonia), I will be giving myself 2 more weeks to have the book done. Then it needs to be typed out in Word and have the pictures added.

Once again … *fingers crossed*


2 thoughts on “My Book : Updates”

    1. The book is a collection of poetry I have written for the Halloween season.. I know it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I definitely think those who are in to Halloween, horror, scary stories like I am, they may get a kick out of it.


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