So, I just joined this new site, called ChatAbout, and so far, so great! This site is absolutely awesome. You can ask questions, comment on others questions, post on pictures, take surveys. SO MANY OPTIONS! And once you reach at least 500 points, you can cash out for gift cards. I just joined about an hour ago and I already have 186 points!!!

This is so exciting. Definitely extra money for Christmas or to save up for that beautiful pair of boots I have been dying for.

You can join here as well too!


The Roofing Situation / The ER


Here at our home, we have been fighting with the landlord to fix our leaking roof. 4 months later it is finally being done.

But, it is not being done how we thought it would have been.

Day 2, roofer is back finishing the job. Unfortunately, where we thought we were getting a whole new roof. OH NO! It is just a patch job. When he pulled the rotted wood off yesterday I saw blackish/whiteish patches all over it, yet he tells me there was no mold. Idk, I think he is full of it, and I am really wondering why I am not getting better.

On the other hand, I went back to the ER last night, the bacterial pneumonia is now viral. So it has to run its course. They poked and prodded me and I am so tired. I was coughing so bad that my ribs and back hurt so they prescribed me a pain medicine as well.

They had me kind of nervous last night as they were doing blood work and wanted to check how my blood coagulates. They said if it comes back positive, then I could be at risk for blood clots. Well, it came back positive. So, they did a CT Scan of my chest and thank goodness, it came back clear. But they did say I could have a problem with clots later on in life. *Fingers crossed* I don’t but at this point in my life, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

They also said due to past history of being a smoker and being around the secondhand smoke, that my asthma could turn in to COPD.

My health sucks. I love my parents but geez, thanks for the bad genes u guys. Haha. Just kidding. I know things happen and genetics happen… I still have the greatest parents in the world.

Anyway, working today till 4. Hoping the day will fly by quick so I can rest.

Every time I try to take a bite of food I feel like I am gonna hurl. Yea I know TMI but IDC. LOL.

And for those of you who cannot stand abbreviations, get over it. I am sick and if I can slack off some and just do abbreviations and u dont like it well u can gtfo, idc, lol. hahaha.. Ok I am rambling now.

My meds don’t make my back and ribs hurt but UGH, I have a killer headache.

Still Sick


It seems like it is never going to go away.

I know I posted back on the 18th of September that I had been sick for a little while and today, October 1st. I am still sick.

I had mentioned in the post on my book update that I have bacterial pneumonia.

We are hoping it is not caused by a mold source in our home due to a leaking roof with water damaged window and wall.

We have been fighting with our landlord about fixing the problems and checking for mold, but, that has been for 4 months out of the 5 we have lived here.

There is no telling how long it had actually been leaking and we just did not notice it.

As when we first moved in there was a really bad storm and we stayed with family.

It does not rain much here in Paulding County, GA, except on occasion, but these past couple of times was enough to cause some major damage it seems, including water coming through our light switches.


They said that the work should be completed this week but here it is Wednesday, and no sign of a roofing company at all.

I am really getting frustrated and if they do not do something soon, we will be filing a claim with small claims court.

My health sucks right now and I am praying this is not because of this.

If it is, there will be hell to pay.

I have been taking breathing treatments, a cough syrup with codeine to control the cough and pain, antibiotics (which I finished today), and 2 more days of steroids.

All of this and I am still waking up in the middle of the night hardly able to breath, still hear the crackle in my chest, and still have this annoying cough causing headaches.

I do not mean to complain, and I may end up going back to the ER if it does not begin to get more better in a few days but this is getting ridiculous. Sick for almost a month now. Something has got to give.

Trying to get better so I can go play at Nightmares Gate Haunted House. I am really looking forward to that and putting together a badass costume for it.

But, if this does not get better, no playtime for me.

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Haunt Season – First Stop on the Haunt Hop Tour


We have decided to haunt hop this year and so last night, we went to our first haunt of the year.

Nightmares Gate Haunted House

I just want to say, that we had the greatest time ever.

To the confides of a chaotic nuthouse to the mists of the swamp, what they have put together this year is nothing short of amazing. The actors were on point, even my fiance’ Terry jumped twice, while I walked behind him, giggling. I was enjoying myself so much. The characters themselves were so well done and you actually felt like you were in the middle of a real psych ward with bouts of cackling off in the darkness, not know which direction it was coming from. And the costuming was very fitting. I was very happy to see little animatronics and the actors and actresses making this haunt what is it to be. I guess through my years of working at a haunt, it was hard to give me the creeps, but, nevertheless, while I interacted with them, they were more than obliged to interact back with me, passing words back and forth with one another.. Like the doctor working on his patient, He wanted to know if I wanted to be next and as I giggled, I asked him if they offered plastic surgery and liposuction. lol. While his next victim of torture, jumped off a gurney and chased after us. There was also the chainsaw guy, where while¬†you were in a maze of what looked like toxic waste barrels piled high and you could see the night sky above, he comes out of nowhere. He did surprise Terry and I and when I took in a breath of the exhaust from the chainsaw (I love that smell lol), he was more than glad to crank it up a few extra times for me. ūüôā

The lot actors as well were just as great, while we stood around and spoke with them, as some of them we knew, and some of them are now new friends, we really got the family vibe from the whole crew. Even some not breaking character or how they twitch about a certain way, while even speaking about every day things to us and the twelve year old girl who never once broke from her zombie screeching character. She was great!

Terry and I definitely got the scare bug after visiting here and we definitely hope to join them next Friday for my birthday!

Finger crossed!


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Being Sick


So being sick has put a lot on hold. I get off work at 3PM today so I am hoping to accomplish something towards the book.

I really need to get it finished and I feel like it is not going to happen when I want it to. I really wanted it done way before Halloween but we shall see.

Just wanted to post a quick little update as I clock in, on the comp, oh, in about 8 minutes, and while I could sit here and ramble ¬†on about things that may or may not make any sense, I figured I would just leave with a brief update…

Words of Wisdom –>¬†Funny-pictures-with-captions-posters-3-487x450


I have been having this weird reoccurring dream lately and I am really unsure what to make of it.

Maybe someone who reads in to things like that, can shed some light on it.

In the dream, it is coming up to my birthday (which is less than 2 weeks away) and I am not feeling well (which is weird because I am sick right now) and I am having bad headaches and backaches near the top of my back where they replaced that disc.  So when the pain becomes unbearable, I go to the ER and they run a scan and all that. They come back an hour later and say they need me to see a specialist because the scan shows a mass on my spinal cord, near the replaced disc.

So, two days later in the dream, I go to see an Oncologist and they run their tests. They come back and tell me that there is a tumor on my spine and it is pressing against my spinal cord and that after a biopsy they have concluded that I do have cancer and that I may very well have cancer cells in my spinal fluid as well.

They give me my treatment options, tell me to think it over, tell me to call them back when I made my decision, and send me on my way.

The whole time Terry is by my side.

That night, we gather our families together to tell them what we have found out.

They think it is something amazing and exciting but turns out not so much and it leaves for a lot of tears and questions at the end of the night.

Then, days later, I start treatments, and while I am sick, it just seems like my life finally starts coming together. I have my birthday, we make plans to get married, I start a bucket list and all that kind of stuff..

Like my life takes a turn for the perfect side coming together, yet, I am still sick.

IDK, it sounds odd doesn’t it?

I do not know what to make of it. I wouldn’t say it is a nightmare because in this dream, I remain calm the whole time and it is very vivid.



I am not feeling well, so I just want to vent a little bit on my own page, so, for those who are following me, I do hope this is alright.

So, it is a little less than 2 weeks until my 30th birthday and it really has me thinking…

Who am I?

I look in the mirror and I just do not know anymore.

And then I reflect on everything that I have been through in my life.

I have been got married, then divorced, re-married, he passed from cancer, I meet a great guy, we lose a child at 8 weeks pregnant (ectopic rupture), and he puts a ring on my finger and makes me feel all giddy and happy in side, and I find out I have degenerative disc disease and had to have a surgery to replace a disc that was pressing on my spinal cord, almost causing me to be paralyzed. This all since I turned 18.

In the meantime, I am getting older, going¬†through school, starting back on Oct. 6th and finally, for a month now, have a job (notice I didn’t say career), I pretty much enjoy, especially because I have made some great friends from the job that I can literally talk to about anything. No judgement.

But now, as I sit here in bed, feeling like I have an upper respiratory infection coming on and praying it isn’t… ¬†I wonder where this life is taking me, what is to become of me, and why do I feel like I have not accomplished a single damn thing with my time that I have had so far on this earth. Why, do I feel like, I am just a speck of dust that is of no matter to anyone or anything in this world but to only be swept up in the dust pan and thrown in to the garbage can?

Why, the sudden urge of mood fluctuations and depression hitting me from time to time and spouts of wanting to cry?

I think it is because honestly, I do not feel accomplished in my life. I do not feel important or needed and that is not because of a particular person before anyone goes guessing. That is just in general.

I also no longer feel like myself. Now, this may make you laugh, but I am perfectly comfortable being a chubby bunny, however, I cannot stand myself. I look in the mirror and I want to scream. I hate my face, I hate my teeth, and I hate my hair. I feel like the most hideous person on the face of this planet.

On top of that, I just want to feel like my puzzle is finally coming together and  I can glue that sucker down and the pieces never fall a part.

I want to feel like I make an impact somehow, someway, and not just sit here and think about what I could have done differently in my life to make myself feel different than I do now and that is because, well, what good is pondering on the past going to do? Nothing, it is in the past, and you cannot change your past. This is not Back to the Future with the bad ass Delorean. Although, that would be absolutely amazing. Not that I would change my past, but, it may be pretty funny to set up those who were cruel and hateful to those around them lol. Jk, I am not that mean. Ok, maybe I am. Haha, sometimes.

But what all this boils down to and the insistent ramblings of my brain is, where do I go from here?

What happens to my life is the 3rd decade that I am entering in to?

Will exciting things happen? Am I doomed for more disappointment in my future?

Who knows? I sure as heck don’t, but, one thing I can say, is that I need something to come a long that shows me that life is worth living… That I am important to folks, that I do belong, and that I am special…AND NO, not special ed for those of you who want to be smart butts about it. You know who you are…

And before anyone can say it is not that bad as it seems… That is for you..

I am about to be 30.

This is not something I am looking forward to.